Color Vibe 5K draws thousands in Jefferson City

Runners get sprayed with colored powder as they take off at Jefferson City's Color Vibe run on Saturday.

Over 3,500 people found the atmosphere at the Color Vibe 5K run in Jefferson City to be more like a giant dance festival than a 5K.

Along with the traditional walk and run, the event also had a DJ, a stage, and "color cannons" spraying out colored powder into the crowds who came to dance.

5K runner Arielle Chambers said the rainbow spectacle was what brought her to the event. "You're so tired after all those hills, and then you run through the colors and feel revived," Chambers said.

Spectators and runners could pick up their own bags of colored powder to pour on themselves or dump on unsuspecting people.

Caleb Crocker was among those who got hit with bags of blue, green, and yellow. "Easter is supposed to bring people together," Crocker said. "People have religious views on it, but ultimately it's about family. It's about coming together, and this is a community. It's a big family, especially in Jefferson City."

Many people said they heard about the 5K run on social media sites including Twitter and Facebook. Organizers said putting the event together took many months of planning, and that this is the first time Color Vibe has been in mid-Missouri.

You can learn more about the Color Vibe by visiting their website.