Cold weather affects weatherman

Zach Evans said nothing is more annoying than a sink full of dirty dishes and no way to wash your hands.

The recent subzero temperatures are not only affecting things outside.

Some people in Mid-Missouri are without water because of frozen pipes inside their homes.

KRCG 13 meteorologist Zach Evans has been without water since Monday afternoon. The pipes at his apartment complex are frozen. Zach immediately called his apartment manager for help. Plumbing crews are working on the problem, but Zach still has no water. Zach is sharing a pitcher of water he had in his refrigerator with his dog Crosby.

Zach said, â??So far, I donâ??t think he really knows whatâ??s going on. If weâ??re out of water and I donâ??t go pick any up, then I might be sharing Gatorade for a couple of days.â??

This isnâ??t the first time the weather has affected this weatherman. Three years ago, Zachâ??s car got stuck in a snowstorm.

When Zach first found out about his problem, he considered it a cruel joke. Thankfully for all of us at the TV station, he did find a way to take a shower. Zach had to shower at his gym and shave in the gym managerâ??s office. Zach considers himself a clean person and said nothing is more annoying than a sink full of dirty dishes and no way to wash your hands.

Zach said, â??Things like this happen. Obviously, weâ??ve had the coldest temperatures that weâ??ve seen in about 24 years. It is going to happen. Water freezes. Pipes do freeze. Be smart about it. Hopefully, you can get to a shower or a bathroom easier than I am right now.â??

Plumbers said you should know the location of your main water shut-off valve when your pipes freeze.

They suggest opening the cabinet doors under your sink to expose your pipes to warmer air.