Church Supports Fired Employees

More than 2 dozen former RR Donnelley employees found out how much people care about them.

Members of Jefferson Cityâ??s Concord Baptist Church want to help more than 500 laid off RR Donnelley employees.

The Jefferson City Plant shut down earlier this month leaving many Mid-Missouri families and individuals wondering how they will survive in this tough economy.

More than 2 dozen former RR Donnelley employees found out how much people care about them. Church leaders held a support meeting where unemployed workers heard from financial services counselors, mental health professionals and representatives of area colleges offering them a chance to go back to school. Kenny Kleffner, 50, of Taos said itâ??s difficult to change careers at his age. He worked at RR Donnelley for 29 years and made $27 an hour. He appreciates any help he can get.

Kleffner said, â??Itâ??s nice to make contacts and meet different people and get ideas and see what kind of help is out there.â??

Church pastors sent a message of hope to the former RR Donnelley employees.

Pastor Jake Taggart said, â??If they didnâ??t get the message of hope, they sure know that there are people here who love them and care for them. Hopefully, we did our jobs right by pointing them to the heavenly father who cares and loves them. Itâ??s just what they need for their hope.â??

RR Donnelley employees specialized in printing services. The company was a part of Von Hoffman Press.

If you missed todayâ??s event, itâ??s not too late to get help. Members of Concord Baptist Church said former employees of RR Donnelley can stop by the church at any time for assistance and encouragement.

Church volunteers also gave former employees a free lunch and coupons for free flu shots.