Christmas cards being destroyed because too thin

We have heard from a number of viewers who tell us their Christmas cards have disappeared in the mail.

KRCG sat down with an anonymous postal worker to find out what's happening.

"We mailed about twenty Christmas cards Wednesday or Thursday of last week, Ron Smith said. Yesterday we got two phone calls, one from Laquey, MO and two from Jefferson City that said they got the envelopes, but the cards were either missing or destroyed.

Smith's upset his greetings won TMt be delivered.

He's not alone, I spoke with a postal worker who said hundreds of envelopes are being damaged, daily, and will never be delivered.

Each envelope goes through a processing machine three times.

"By the time they get through the third pass the envelopes are just all torn to shreds, and the cards are out of the envelopes, Anonymous Postal Worker said. Some of the cards have gift certificates and cash in them. We have no way of knowing which card goes with which envelope."

The trouble may be the envelopes are very thin.

The postal worker told me that Paper Magic Group Incorporated is one of the companies who make the envelopes being destroyed by the sorting machine before they're mailed. At Hallmark they do not carry those envelopes, theirs are much thicker."

Jefferson City's postmaster Don Knoth said they'll try to help, but it's often difficult to ever deliver the damaged items.

"If it's a local issue they can call us and we can assist them the best we can. But when something is lost in the mail it's very hard to find it because we do process, especially this time a year, a lot of envelopes and letters, Jefferson City Postmaster Don Knoth said.

You can also file a complaint by calling this number, 1-800- ASK-USPS.