Choking game is a dangerous high

Columbia Public School District officials sent an e-mail to parents warning them about the choking game.

Some Columbia Public School students are trying to get high by choking themselves and each other.

They call it the choking game.

School officials are warning parents to tell their children that this dangerous activity is definitely not a game.

The choking game was popular on Youtube several years ago. Columbia Public School students did it then, and a new group of students are doing it now.

District officials sent an e-mail to parents warning them about the choking game. They recently had several reports of the choking game being played by elementary and middle school students. The students use a noose or their hands to choke themselves or each other to get a feeling of euphoria.

Columbia Public Schools spokeswoman Michelle Baumstark said, â??This is not something that is new this year. Weâ??ve definitely seen an uptick this year in students participating and hearing about it. We want to be as proactive as possible and make sure that our families know that this is not something that is a game and it is very serious. We do not want our students participating in this type of activity.â??

School officials want parents to talk to their child or children about the seriousness of the choking game and how dangerous it is. They want parents to encourage students to tell an adult or report it to the school if they see or hear anyone talking about or participating in the choking game.

Baumstark said, â??Because there have been multiple incidents in multiple buildings it was important for us to share some of our concerns with all of our families.â??

School officials also want parents to take time to talk to students about what they should and should not be accessing online.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the choking game caused the deaths of at least 82 children and adolescents since 1995.

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