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      Callaway nuclear plant well water samples have radioactivity

      Ameren Missouri officials insist levels of radioactivity found in some well water samples at the Callaway nuclear plant are not a threat.

      The utility told the Federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission that water samples from a new groundwater monitoring well at its Callaway plant show levels of radioactivity higher than those found in drinking water. Mel Atteberry owns a nearby bar in Mokane and said his customers trust plant officials to keep them safe.

      Atteberry said, â??If Ameren says itâ??s O.K., then itâ??s O.K. They are not going to do anything that is going to hurt us. They are not going to have the liability.â??

      Ameren Missouri sent a statement to KRCG 13 News that states there is no threat to drinking water in the area. An environmental group is questioning the safety of the water. The Missouri Coalition for the Environment is questioning the test results. The group opposes Ameren Missouriâ??s plans to expand its nuclear power production.

      Missouri Coalition for the Environment Safe Energy Director Edward Smith said, â??Iâ??m not going to make any claims that drinking water has been contaminated, but if I were to live near a nuclear reactor, regardless of this recent release of radioactivity into the ground water, I think itâ??s pertinent for people to have their wells regularly tested.â??

      Smithâ??s environmental group wants to have more information about the locations of public and private drinking water wells near the plant. They also want to know why this happened and what corrective actions, if any, are going to be taken.

      KRCG 13 News wanted to know the exact radiation levels of the water samples and how they compare to what is normal or acceptable.

      The Nuclear Regulatory Commission will announce their findings in their next quarterly report.

      The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is not involved.