Buying recycled products deemed priceless

"Reduce, reuse and recycle" has been a well known phrase in America for a long-time.

The Environmental Protection Agency website also has a forth saying listed as well, â??Buy recycled.â??

"Choosing the recycle bin is just one step," local enterprise company owner Gary Ryan said. "

If they are a true believer in recycling, they should buy recycled products."

Plus, buying recycled goods will help maintain demand for the materials that economist donâ??t want in our landfills and ensure the continuation of recycling programs everywhere.

"Recycling is when you take that object and turn it into a completely different object that has merit and value, as well as demand," Ryan said.

Turning your tossed out plastic into long lasting products is what Gary spends his days doing.

Someone else brings the plastic materials to the recycling and manufacturing headquarters, known as Ryan Enterprises, and it never leaves the building until it is ready to be back in consumers hands.

Ryan Enterprises can turn most plastic containers into parking stops, fence-posts, landscape timbers and even bird feeders.

While most recycling process take a product around the world and back from beginning to end; Gary's entire process happens in Mid-Missouri.

Recycling materials can come with extra fees, but to the future of the environment; they are priceless.

Gary along with the Environmental Protection Agency urge consumers to practice reducing, reusing, recycling and buying recycled more than ever in 2013.