Boy Scouts celeberate 100 years of scouting

Boy Scouts throughout Missouri met this weekend at Central Methodist University in Fayette to celeberate 100 years of scouting.

One of the interesting things boys scouts got to see this weekend was a special Indian tribal dance.

This is just one of the unique things boy scouts got to see Saturday during their 100th anniversary celebration.

"For 100 years boy scouts have taught young people citizenship, leadership, and how to serve and help other people. Things they learn in scouting will help them the rest of their life, Scout Executive Doug Callahan said. It will help them be successful citizens, help them be successful leaders, and will help them be successful parents, by lessons and things they learn in scouting."

Callahan said that this weekend is really all about having fun and letting all the scouts show off their scouting skills.

"We have several different climbing towers, we have zip lines, we have BMX bike show out here that's putting on demonstrations during the day and will be part of our campfire show tonight, we got cub mobile races, and there's more things going on out here this weekend than scouts can participate in," Callahan said.

One place in particular that seemed to be the most popular throughout the day was the scouting museum.

It was put together by former scouts to help show younger scouts how long Boy Scouts of America has been around.

"There was just an e-mail sent out that if anyone had anything that pertained to boy scouts, that they would be willing to share with the group to look at; to bring it to us to catalog it and set around," Chairman of Scouts Don Ruthenberg said.

The museum was just one of the highlights for the boy scouts' celebration.

Ruthenberg said that there is many more events planned this year to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Boys Scouts of America.