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      Book details Ferguson case facts

      Brian D'Ambrosio wrote a book about the Ferguson case with the help of Ryanâ??s father Bill.

      Columbia police continue to search for new leads in the 2001 murder case of Kent Heitholt.

      This comes after Tuesday??s release of Ryan Ferguson who served more than 8 years in prison for the crime.

      Brian D'Ambrosio wrote a book about the Ferguson case with the help of Ryan??s father Bill. "Free Ryan Ferguson: 101 Reasons Why Ryan Should Be Released" has interviews, maps and pictures he said supports Ferguson??s innocence. D??Ambrosio spoke to prosecutor and now Boone County Judge Kevin Crane 6 months ago. He also interviewed Michael Boyd who was the last person to see Heitholt alive.

      D'Ambrosio said, ??I talked to Crane on more than one occasion extensively. I even visited Michael Boyd in his office. I visited with him. There??s a little more leeway and latitude being a journalist than if I had been an attorney or a member of the defense team.??

      D??Ambrosio said Ferguson??s release no longer makes his book a plea for Ryan??s freedom. He said it??s now a reference book for people falsely accused of crimes.

      D'Ambrosio said, ??Hopefully, they will learn from this and prevent this from happening in the future. I think that??s one of the most prominent points of the book.??

      D??Ambrosio is giving his book away for free. He said the book??s information is so important he wants everyone to have access to it.

      You can get a free copy of the book at smashwords.com