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      Bidders battle for unclaimed property in Columbia

      Bidders got the chance to buy some rare items from Missouriâ??s largest Lost and Found.

      Bidders got the chance to buy some rare items from Missouri??s largest Lost and Found.

      State Treasurer Clint Zweifel is holding his annual 2-day Unclaimed Property Auction at Columbia??s Hilton Garden Conference Center on Vandiver Drive.

      Unclaimed property is money, stocks and other valuables that have been left in abandoned accounts or safe deposit boxes for 5 years or more.

      1 in 10 Missourians has unclaimed property.

      The items at the Columbia auction come from thousands of safe deposit boxes turned over to the Missouri State Treasurer??s Office.

      The Office holds more than $760 million in unclaimed property that??s available for auction.

      Unclaimed Property Director Scott Harper said, ??There are a lot of good buyers here. I lot of people come here and just look and see what we have and get engaged in the auction.??

      The Columbia auction continues tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. until they sell out.

      Most of the items up for bid tomorrow will be rare coins.