Aspen Heights residents want better security

Columbia police said two 21-year-old women were robbed at gunpoint at Aspen Heights on Tuesday night.

Some people living in a Columbia apartment complex said they want better security.

Aspen Heights has been the location of several crimes since it opened this past summer.The latest happened last night when a woman was walking her dog and the suspect is still on the run.

Columbia police said two 21-year-old women were robbed at gunpoint at Aspen Heights on Tuesday night. Last month, police investigated a sexual assault. In October, someone fired shots during a college party. In August, authorities investigated a home invasion when suspects stole money from a resident. Aspen Heights managers installed a gate at the entrance to complex. Mizzou student Julia Phillips said the gate is worthless when itâ??s open to the public.

Phillips said, â??They already have a security gate up but I wish that they would close the gates more because they are open a lot.â??

Most of the people who live at Aspen Heights are college students. This is finals week at Mizzou. Some students missed their exams because police locked down their apartment complex on Tuesday night.

Aspen Heights resident Emily Newman said, â??Right now, I canâ??t take my trash out to the dumpster or walk my dog at night without having to worry about whether I have my mace on me because Iâ??m going to get robbed or someone is going to point a gun at my face.â??

Aspen Heights resident Sophie Errante said, â??Itâ??s kind of frustrating when you have no options to go walk your dog or even just be safe outside.â??

The Aspen Heights Public Relations Director is out of the country and unavailable for comment. The General Manager in Columbia did not return our calls. Residents said they did not get any word from management about any changes in security.

Witnesses describe the latest Aspen Heights suspect as a black male with braided hair and a gap in his teeth.

If you have any information, police urge you to call Columbia CrimeStoppers at 573-875-TIPS.