Ashland mayor seeks aldermen replacements

Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer said city business is on hold until the empty aldermen seats are filled.

Now that 3 city aldermen have resigned, Ashland Mayor Gene Rhorer wants to replace them as soon as possible.

Rhorer said city business is on hold until the empty aldermen seats are filled.

The resignations come from Wards 1, 2 and 3. Rhorer wants to appoint George Campbell to Ward 1 and James Fasciotti to Ward 2 because they are running unopposed for those seats in the April 8th General Election. Fred Klippel and Jesse Bronson are running against each other for the third ward alderman seat. Rhorer wants to appoint someone other than Klippel and Bronson so no one has the advantage of being an incumbent in Ward 3.

Rhorer said, â??Iâ??m looking for someone to roughly serve for 2 months for the board of aldermen who is unaffiliated with anyone on the board who would like to do some service for their community.â??

Rhorer cannot meet a quorum with 3 aldermen which means city business has stopped. He said heâ??s not too concerned because the cityâ??s agenda does not have any urgent items. Rhorer said he does not know if the dropped impeachment proceedings against Alderman Anderson have anything to do with the resignations of the 3 aldermen. Rhorer said heâ??s not very concerned about why they resigned. Heâ??s more concerned about when he can replace them. Some Ashland residents said their city leaders are acting childish.Melvin Sapp said, â??Well, I hope they get it straightened out and get on with the city business.â??

Rhorer hopes to have a quorum within the next 2 weeks after he officially accepts the resignations and appoints the replacements.

Resigned Aldermen David Thomas, John Hills and Carl Long had no comment for this story.