Antlers promise to tone it down

The Antlers are a group of students who chant at and make fun of opposing teams.

University Police have ejected a group of Tiger basketball fans from Mizzou Arena during the past 2 games.

The Antlers have been around since 1976.

They are a group of students who chant at and make fun of opposing teams. Antlers Grand Poobah and Mizzou Junior Emmett Delaney met with University and Athletic Department officials on Friday. School leaders gave him a list of vulgar comments the group made at Mizzou basketball games.

KRCG 13 received a copy of the list and several controversial posts from social media. One of them makes fun of Mississippi University by showing people dressed in KKK outfits.

Delaney said after 2 ejections, the most recent being on Monday night, The Antlers will try to be less disrespectful at the games and on the internet.

Delaney said, â??I havenâ??t heard word that we have been banned. Right now, I plan on being at the West Virginia game with 29 more Antlers. Of course, our game chants will be dialed down as compared to what Monday was.â??

MU Athletic Director Mike Alden said The Antlers do not reflect the values of Mizzou. Alden sent KRCG 13 a statement that said we have high expectations for how all of us represent the University of Missouri and our core values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence.

This isnâ??t the first time the University and The Antlers butted heads. University officials banned the unsanctioned group during the 1996 basketball season.

Most of the crowd of more than 6,000 people at last nightâ??s game booed University Police officers when they escorted The Antlers out of Mizzou Arena.