Angie Yarnell still missing after 10 years

Ten years after her daughter went missing, Marianne Asher-Chapman said she has been unable to find peace.

"I can't find her, and it's my aim to find my daughter in my lifetime," Asher-Chapman said. "It just kills me to know that here I am, her mother, and I can't find her. She's... she's somewhere."

Michelle "Angie" Yarnell went missing in November of 2003. Asher-Chapman first became aware that something was wrong when her daughter didn't show up for a birthday party she was hosting.

After numerous unreturned phone calls, Angie's husband arrived at her mother's home a few hours later. Asher-Chapman said the explanation her offered her was vague and out of character for her daughter.

"He said, 'Angie's gone now,' and I said, 'What do you mean she's gone?' And he said, 'She may have run away with another man.' And I said, 'Well, who is it?' And he said, 'I don't know.' I said, 'What makes you think that?' And he said, 'Well, I came home and she was gone."

Asher-Chapman said shortly afterwards, Angie's husband Michael Yarnell went missing himself. Asher-Chapman said about a week after Angie went missing, she received a postcard allegedly from Angie, saying she had run away with another man.

Asher-Chapman said four years later, a handwriting expert took a look at the postcard and concluded that the handwriting matched Yarnell's, not Angie's.

The case was re-opened, and Yarnell was named as a person of interest. He was found when an prospective employer conducted a background check, and officers traveled to where he was living to interview him.

Eventually, prosecutors were able to file charges against Yarnell including second-degree murder, but those charges were reduced after he agreed to a plea deal. Michael Yarnell served four years of a seven-year sentence, and was released in July 2013.

Asher-Chapman said Michael Yarnell's sentence may be over, but her sentence is for life.

"I continue to this day to buy her Christmas presents and birthday presents," Asher-Chapman said. "We have a trunk upstairs that is Angie's trunk... it's full of presents I bought her for the past ten years. Every holiday, I put more presents in her trunk."

But ten years later, the trunk is full and Asher-Chapman still has no answers pertaining to the whereabous of her daughter.

Asher-Chapman helps run a missing-person website in Missouri, called Missouri Missing. If you have any information concerning the wherabouts of Angela Yarnell, you can get in touch with her mother by clicking this link.