An unusual fundraiser to help the Special Olympics

A reppelling company called Over the Edge has teamed up with the Special Olympics for an unusual fundraiser.

It all starts in a room on the main level of the Tiger Hotel. Over the Edge officials help you put gear on and then you're off to repel down ten stories outside the Tiger Hotel.

"We TMre about 150 ft. over Columbia right now and I TMm going to be walking backwards. I don't know if I TMm going to look down or not, KRCG TMs Mark Slavit said. But it's all for a good cause. So here we go."

It didn't take long for Mark to reach the bottom. Once he got there, he was relieved.

He wasn't the only one doing it Tuesday others in the media got the chance as well, all to raise awareness about the Special Olympics.

"This is one of the larger fundraisers. It TMs called Over the Edge, Special Olympics Diane Brimer said. It's where individuals signed up and raised a $1000 through donations from family and friend, businesses, or whomever. Then they get to repel from the roof of the tiger hotel."

Brimer said that they are hoping to raise around $50,000 through the fundraiser this year.

"Our goal this year was to raise $50,000, but I don't think we're going to quite make that. It TMs looking like we're probably going to raise around $28,000, which in today's economy is huge," Brimer said.

It also takes a huge crew of volunteers year round to make the Special Olympics TM competitions a success.

"Being able to see how you can improve somebody's life, just a little bit by helping out and even working a few hours a day. I just have been in the mind set of helping others," Special Olympics Volunteer Hillary Downs said.

You have the chance to do the same thing Mark did Tuesday.

All you have to do is raise $1000 for the Special Olympics.