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      911 improvements proposal on April 2 ballot

      Boone County Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to place a three-eighths-cent sales tax on the April 2 ballot.

      The proposed tax would pay for the annual cost of more than $8 million to upgrade 911 and emergency management services.

      Voters will decide if they want a new facility, new equipment and more emergency personnel.

      The sales tax would generate more than $9 million a year and transfer 911 and emergency management services from the City of Columbia to Boone County Government.

      A nine-member county appointed panel came up with the ballot language for the 911 and emergency management upgrades.

      Boone County Sheriff Dwayne Carey said, â??When you look at the operating costs of just keeping this going and the technology advancements that occur in this field, the replacement costs, and when you think about all of the technology that has to be replaced, you have to make sure you are funding enough. There is technology that hasnâ??t even been created yet, that at some point we will experience and at some point go out and purchase.â??

      Panel members did not include an updated records management system into the proposed sales tax because they thought it would be too costly and it is not an urgent priority.