712 donors raised over $38,000 in telethon

The KRCG/Red Cross Haiti Relief Fundraising telethon raised over $38,000 Tuesday.

The donations came from 712 donors and Ameren UE is matching donations from employees.

"A lot of people are giving what they can give during these tough economic times," Red Cross Organizer Melissa Friel said.

People from every socio-economic level called to donate. Donation amounts ranged from $500 to $10.

KRCG TMs News Director Ladd Egan said he got donations from people who were on unemployment. KRCG Anchor Teresa Snow had a 7-year-old and a 5-year-old call in to donate $5 from their allowance.

Red Cross volunteer Kristi said the nice thing about the telethon is that everyone can give what they want.

The donations will help fund short term and long term relief efforts in Haiti.

Short term relief efforts include building tents, getting supplies like food and water, funding medical supplies, basically helping with relief efforts in Haiti.

Long term relief efforts include building permanent housing, medical buildings and essentials to help rebuild Haiti.

"We just finished long term relief efforts with tsunami relief so we have a good model to go off of," Friel said.

Throughout the telethon more and more donors called the phone lines:

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And the amount of donations kept increasing by the hour: Report problems to

Check out photos from behind the scenes from the KRCG/Red Cross Telethon: