10 year-old Kya Harrell selected as May's good kid

10 year-old Kya Harrell of Jefferson City said she was surprised and delighted that she was chosen as Mayâ??s â??good kid of the monthâ??.

Kya comes from a close-knit family in Jefferson City. Her aunt Tammy Chute describes the 10 year-old as a pillar of their lives. â??Kya is a wonderful child to be around,â?? Chute said. â??Sheâ??s always very positive. One of the neat things about her is that she always puts other peopleâ??s needs ahead of hers.â??

Kya is strong in her faith and active in her church. Chute said she participates in First Kids, youth choir, and serves at church dinners in the area.

â??I understand that people donâ??t have as much stuff as I have, and itâ??s a privilege to help other people and to have as much stuff as I have. I want to give it to them too,â?? Kya said.

Kyaâ??s mother Melissa Harrell said her daughter plays an important role in the life of her younger sister, and takes that role seriously. â??She makes sure her sister knows how to share,â?? Harrell said. â??She treats other people the way she wants to be treated.â??

Kyaâ??s family said she always strives to do the right thing, at home and at school. Kyaâ??s teachers characterize her as a pleasure to have in class, and someone who stands up for others.

Kya said when she saw one of her classmates being picked on, she knew she had to step in.

â??I stood back while everyone was going in the classroom and I said, â??Tell on themâ??. About an hour later, he came into my classroom and talked to my teacher and the next day at recess he said â??thank you for telling me to tell on themâ??.

Kya said she has her family to thank for inspiring her to do the right thing.

â??My grandma, my aunt and my mom. They really do, just by teaching me stories that theyâ??ve had and experienced.â??

For being such a good kid, Missouri Credit Union presented Kya with a gift card.

Kya said she will always try to help as many people as she can.