University eye doctors travel to Haiti

Two University of Missouri Health Care eye doctors are leaving for Haiti on Friday.

Jacob Brubaker and James Fox plan to treat earthquake victims for eye injuries and disease.

The two ophthalmologists will also bring more than 700 donated pairs of eyeglasses.

The eye doctors will use portable magnification devices to perform exams in clinics and devastated neighborhoods.

A California-based charity called New Reality International is organizing the trip.

However, Brubaker and Fox are paying for their travel expenses out of their own pockets.

I think both Jacob and I, we dedicated our lives to medicine, specifically ophthalmology for instances like this where we can bring about large change in a small amount of time that can be lasting for these people," Fox said. "That TMs what we are looking forward to the most.

I think the hardest thing will probably be knowing that if they were in the united states we would probably be able to offer them more," Brubaker said. "With our limited resources, we may have to turn people away and not be able to fully correct or provide the care that we would like to.

Brubaker and Fox plan to stay in Haiti for about a week.

They hope this is their first of several trips to the earthquake devastated island.