University credit company policies still hold

The new credit card laws offer special protections for college students.

The days of free food in exchange for signing up for a credit card are over.

University of Missouri officials already have some of their own restrictions for credit card companies on campus property. They TMve been in place for about 10 years.

At the beginning of the every school year, dozens of credit card vendors set up booths on the MU campus. The MU policy prohibits those vendors from giving away freebies such as t-shirts, gifts or even pizza in exchange for signing up for a credit card. Vendors are also required to give educational handouts.

The handout is written by the University," MU Spokesman Christian Basi said. "They are also required to post their introductory as well as their permanent APR rates. That signage is provided by the University. Things like that we hope are making their way toward the students to help them with responsible use for their credit cards.

University Officials can only police credit card vendors on campus property. University policies do not apply to companies that set up near campus. Many credit card vendors set up booths in downtown Columbia to avoid university policies.

We have seen a significant decrease in the amount of credit card vendors who come to campus on a regular basis," Basi said. "However, that only applies to the properties of campus. When they are across the street or in town, we can TMt control areas that we don TMt own.

Basi said University Officials are looking at the new credit card laws to see if they need to make any additional changes in the future.

Credit card vendors have a limit of 10 visits to the Mizzou campus in a semester.

Most of them set up booths at the beginning of the year at Brady Commons and the Memorial Union.