Surge in TV sales in anticipation of Super Bowl

Best Buy employees in Jefferson City help a customer with her purchase of a brand new television.

Retailers in mid-Missouri were flooded with last-minute shoppers looking to get the best viewing experience for the Super Bowl.

Nationally, about 5.1 million people are expected to buy a new television in anticipation of the big game, according to the National Retail Federation. Last year, that number was 4.5 million.

Television sales tend to increase right up to game day because some retailers increase their incentives for people to buy, such as zero percent interest financing and steep price cuts.

The price of large flat screens has been on the decrease as well, largely due in part to the democratization of cheaper brands and decreasing manufacturing costs.

"I think everyone just wants something better to watch the game on," said shopper Tony Schofield. "My wife's actually been looking for a better TV for the past few weeks, and I was just hoping we'd find a good sale this weekend."

"We bought one at Best Buy around six years ago, it cost us $1300 for a 37-inch. Now, we can buy a 50-inch for less than that," Schofield said.

Sales staff at Sears said they expect to sell three times as many TVs as they normally do Sunday, all because of the Super Bowl.

"You hear all their stories, what their plans are for later tonight, what parties they will attend," said Sears Sales Associate Walter Juarez. "A lot more people have been coming in to buy TVs."

Juarez said he thinks buying something new to watch the big game on is becoming somewhat of a game day tradition. "It's just part of their Super Bowl experience," Juarez said. "I would say it is a tradition because a lot of them come in and they're happy about it."

Many people in Jefferson City said they were impartial to the outcome of the game, but that they will tune in specifically to watch the Super Bowl Commercials.