Postal Service 800 number gives callers wrong tax deadline

The looming tax deadline put procrastinators in a crunch Thursday.

A Jefferson City woman called to alert KRCG of an incorrect April 15 postmark deadline on a U.S. Postal Service 1-800 number. The woman called the number, and put in her zip code to get local information.

KRCG called that number and recorded the following message:

"Serving that zip code is Hy-Vee station #2...located at 3721 West Truman Boulevard, Jefferson City, Missouri. On April 15, the retail office will be open from seven a.m. to ten P.M. The latest time to drop off mail at this location and receive a postmark of April 15th will be ten P.M."

The message went on to say mail would be collected at the Schulte's store on Southwest Boulevard until 9:00 p.m.

Contrary to the recording, the post master said there would be no collections after 6 p.m. for an April 15 postmark.

The woman attempted to drop off at both locations, but was told by store personnel there would be no pick up at either place Thursday evening. She contacted a Postal Service complaint line and a supervisor there acknowledged the mistake.

It's not immediately clear if she will be penalized for a late fee for late filing.

Viewers in Columbia told us the information on the 1-800 number gave them incorrect deadlines for zipcodes there, as well.

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