New Yorker Cartoonist Dies in Kansas City

Charles Barsotti, whose simple, sophisticated New Yorker cartoons plumbed the human condition featuring characters such as the psychiatrist dog, has died. He was 80.

Barsotti's daughter, Kerry Scott, said Tuesday that Barsotti was diagnosed in 2013 with brain cancer and died late Monday at home in Kansas City.

Barsotti graduated from Texas State University in 1954 and worked for Kansas City-based Hallmark Cards before moving to New York to become cartoon editor for The Saturday Evening Post. He became a staff cartoonist for The New Yorker about 1970, while remaining in Kansas City.

The New Yorker has published nearly 1,400 Barsotti cartoons.

Robert Mankoff, cartoon editor of the magazine, says Barsotti was the "philosopher king of cartoonists," asking big questions about life with spare, black-and-white words and drawings.