Moberly man evacuated from Liberia after Ebola outbreak

25 year-old Dane Sosniecki hugs his mother Liz. Along with around 50 other Peace Corps volunteers, he was evacuated from Liberia due to an Ebola outbreak.

A 25 year-old Moberly man is home safe after he and around 50 other Peace Corps volunteers were evacuated from Liberia because of an Ebola outbreak.

Dane Sosniecki left the United States on June 14 for a two-year commitment to teach math and science at a Liberian school.

Barely seven weeks into it, he and the rest of the volunteers were flown out of Liberia back to the United States.

â??We started teaching, practice teaching, a couple of weeks ago,â?? Sosniecki said. â??When some high-profile cases of Ebola started to surfaceâ?¦ the Peace Corps decided it would be important for us to head on out, temporarily.â??

Sosniecki arrived back in the United States July 31. After disembarking at Columbia Airport, he returned to the home of his parents in Mokane. Sosniecki spent the following weekend going through two years worth of camping supplies, wondering what to do next.

â??Ideally, weâ??ll be able to go back around the same time the students are able to go back to school,â?? Sosniecki said. â??I know itâ??s difficult. Assume you have teachers there, American teachers thereâ?¦ and then you find out they have to leave. What happens to those students?â??

Sosnieckiâ??s mother Liz said she was glad to see her son when he stepped off the plane, but his quick departure came as a surprise to her too.

â??I mean, youâ??re glad to see him but it was kind of a â??Weâ??re glad to see you, but sorry youâ??re here!â??. I have to understand that as a parent, I know thatâ??s where he wants to be. And so I am sad for him.â??

Sosniecki was fortunate enough not to be in an area close to the infected. He said that although heâ??s disappointed that he will have to wait months to resume his trip, he thinks the Peace Corps made the right decision.

Both Sosniecki and his mother said they hope the outbreak ends soon.

â??I hope that those people realize how much of a serious issue this is, and that they remain smart and diligent about it, about protecting themselves,â?? Dane Sosniecki said.