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      Missouri teams get new assignments in Colorado

      Missouri rescue teams still donâ??t know when they are coming home.

      Members of Missouri??s most experienced search and rescue team continue to work in the flooded areas of Colorado.

      80 members of Missouri Task Force 1 left their base of operations in Loveland, Colorado this morning and began their new assignments.

      Rescue teams are reviewing their searches with GPS tracking.

      They are using that information to figure out where they still need to search in the Big Thompson Canyon region.

      Missouri rescue teams still don??t know when they are coming home.

      Missouri Task Force 1 spokesman Gale Blomenkamp said, ??We??ve heard no word on demobilization for the task force. The 3 task forces that were put on alert on Saturday from Florida, California and Tennessee have been taken off of alert status. That indicates that the resources on the ground are able to handle what work is left.??

      Missouri Task Force 1 officials expect to find out when they get to come home sometime this weekend.