Margaret Romph improves, raises awareness

The six-year-old Jefferson City girl who broke her neck in a bad car accident early last year continues to improve.

In fact, Margaret Romph and fellow miracle child Cassidy-Rae Luebbering were chosen by Walmart and the MU Health Care System to help get the word out about a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital in Columbia.

For their efforts, both girls got a shopping spree Wednesday at the Walmart store on Missouri Blvd.

Being able to spend the day shopping is something that once seemed like a long shot. Luebbering was born ten weeks early and spent over a month in the hospital after birth. She's has a form of cerebal palsy that affects most of her body and developmental delays. She can't hear or speak well though she knows some sign language. She's also defying the odds.

"Cassidy-Rae would not be doing these amazing things without the University of Missouri Hospital, JCMG doctors, Horsing Around and the Special Learning Center, mom Renee Luebbering said. She is doing things the doctors never thought that she would."

Romph has the chance of some recovery with rehab.

"Hopefully someday she will be walking, mom Sherline Romph said. That's what we hope."

Both moms say their girls wouldn't be here without the help of the Children's Miracle Network. The group is raising money to buy a new ambulence for the Children's Hospital. Which is just what these girls might need to get all their shopping bags home.

You can donate at the cash registers or at the doors of all the mid-missouri Walmart stores. The fundraiser continues until June 19.