Internet aids father, son guitar business

Technology lets us do some amazing things. One father and son are using it to make custom guitars...more than 100 miles from each other.

Baub Eis, owner of Eis Guitars Inc., said, "I would have done this a long time ago if Dad lived somewhere close...Arizona is just too far away to really work together. Now we are able to work together."

Their business is done online. Baub can dial-in by phone, then send the job to his father at the factory in Kansas City.

Baub can watch the machinery in the factory thanks to cameras and streaming video feed, as well as speak with his father throughout the process.

The custom guitar body company is only about a year old. Baub expressed his excitement to have his idea become reality. But he seemed even more excited that the modern technology has led to "spending quality time with (his) dad."

For this father and son, it pays in more ways than one to be in tune with technology.