House Republicans focus on job creation

The evolution to electric cars is well underway in the automobile industry.

Missouri House Republicans said job creation is the most important issue facing lawmakers in 2010.

They plan to target the automotive industry, along with science and technology

As chairman of the House Jobs Creation Committee, Liberty Republican Rep. Tim Flook is concerned that next- generation vehicles will be built in other states that have already prepared their incentives and shopped them to Detroit.

"The governor from Minnesota has been their several times, the governor from Kentucky, legislators from Ohio, legislatures from Illinois, the governor of Illinois was there, Flook said.

Beyond car building, House Republicans want to pump tax dollars generated by tech firms back into the infrastructure needed to bring such businesses. And they want to eliminate the commercial property tax surcharge levied on businesses in the metropolitan areas.

"When you're looking to try to relocate distribution centers, manufacturing, anybody that's investing in property in this state, this is a factor which they look at, Rep. John Diehl said.

Diehl said businesses in Missouri want low taxes and a minimal regulatory environment and the best job creation strategies are the ones that address those concerns.