Homemade survival kits fight flu

Patty Clover created a flu survival kit made of products found in her store.

The flu continues to spread across the country at epidemic levels.

One of the latest trends to battle the virus is building your own flu survival kit.

There are no miracle drugs or vitamins that can stop the flu -- even flu shots are not 100% effective.

However, the owner of a Columbia natural market has some ideas for a flu survival kit with natural and organic products.

Patty Clover owns Cloverâ??s Natural Market. She created flu survival kit made of products found in her store. She suggested you start by listing your symptoms and figure out what you need first.

â??If I had the flu or if I felt like I was getting the flu, I would take a product called Oscillococcinum which is a homeopathic remedy," she said. "You take it at the first sign you have discomfort.â??

Pattyâ??s kit also includes vitamin C, coconut water for rehydration, and she said anything with elderberry is great for viral concerns.

Patty wants to stress sheâ??s not a doctor and recommends that people seek medical help when necessary. She said her natural and organic products provide what she calls â??Wellcareâ?? and could shorten the time of your illness.

â??Always check with your doctor when you have serious symptoms," she said. "We will shoo people away and say, know what you are dealing with before you start to help yourself.â??

Clover admits washing your hands and keeping your hands away from your face are the best ways to fight the flu. However, she said a flu survival kit with plenty of vitamin C and natural remedies is a good idea.

Patty said despite flu survival kits and home remedies, plenty of fluids and rest is the best way to recover from the flu.

Many local clinics and health departments are low on flu vaccines for both adults and children.