Haircuts for Haiti

Laura Mueller is cutting hair for donations for her Haiti mission trip.

Almost two weeks after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, people in mid-Missouri are doing their part to help. On Sunday, the Green Meadows Hair Company in Columbia held a fundraiser to help one of their stylists travel to Haiti for a mission trip.

Snip by snip, Laura Mueller is getting closer to Haiti. Next month, she's going to the devastated country on her seventh mission trip. The money donated from the cut-a thon will help her get there.

She works with the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, one of the largest ministries in Haiti.

"It's about 100 miles away from Port-au-Prince, Laura Mueller said. So they felt it but they don't have the devastating effects."

But it's still affected. The clinic she's going to is being turned into a hospital so survivors can have surgeries. Mueller will be bringing the essentials.

"Things like antibiotic creams and ointments and wound dressing things, Mueller said. Medical supplies like that."

Ten year old Megan Polniak and her mom and sister came in to support their stylist.

"Just getting haircuts so the money can go to Haiti people who are in need, Megan Polniak said.

Besides, she was due for a trim.

"Well I was gonna get side bangs anyway, Polniak said. I just thought today would be the perfect day."

More than 40 people got their hair cut and made a donation for Mueller's trip. It's an outpouring of support that doesn't go unnoticed by Mueller

"It's a big blessing, Mueller said. Big blessing to be a part of this."

If you would like to help the Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, you can donate by following the link below.