Groundbreaking Support for Local Hero

Fulton High school graduate Tyler Huffman is a local living example of America's bravest. Tyler was shot by a sniper in Afghanistan in 2010 and is now a paralyzed veteran.

Joe Twehous is a veteran living in Jefferson City and owns some land next door to his home. Joe once said if he discovered a worthy recipient, he would give the lot away. When he met Tyler, he felt donating the land was the least he could do.

Joe Twehous says, "For a man to sacrifice so much for us, there is no way we can pay him back."

Carissa Biele stated,
"Behind me is what soon will be the smart home of our local hero Tyler Huffman."

After months of planning and sitting through meetings, Signature Homes Incorporated is ready to build the one-of-a-kind smart home.

Scott Schaeperkoetter, the owner of Signature Homes Inc told us,
"There is going to be technology that is going to take place where he may be able to lower his cabinets so he can have access to those. If he is in trouble or needs help, he can text his wife or call his wife. Of course there will be a security system installed as well.

Tyler told us the community involvement and support before, during and after the groundbreaking for the families new home has been unbelievable.
"I've never heard of a community coming together like this to do this for us. It's just a huge relief for me and my wife that they have come together to build this house because we had no clue where to start and all I can say is thank you. I mean, you can't put into words how I feel about this community coming together."

The generous citizens and supportive community in mid-Missouri are role models for the rest of the country.