Fish restaurants benefit from Ash Wednesday

All faithful Catholics 14 years and older must not eat any meat on Ash Wednesday, Good Friday and every Friday during Lent.

That means big business for some local fish restaurants.

Managers at a Jefferson City Long John Silvers Restaurant said the beginning of Lent is the beginning of some of the biggest sales of the year.

Long lines and busy fryers returned to Jefferson City TMs Long John Silvers restaurant on Missouri Boulevard on Ash Wednesday. Linda Rothobe is Catholic and says she always eats fish on Ash Wednesday and every Friday throughout Lent. Linda remembers a time when her faith called for a stricter Lenten menu.

Linda said, It TMs changed a bit. It used to be no meat all through lent, so it was vegetable soup and potato soup. It TMs different than it is now where it TMs just fish on Fridays. It TMs not so bad.

Long John Silver managers say Lent triples their fish sales.

Jefferson City managers ordered an extra truckload of fish for the first day of Lent. They expect every Friday between now and Easter to be just as busy as Ash Wednesday.

Jefferson City LJS workers had to make trips to other nearby Long John Silvers restaurants to keep up the demand.

LJS General Manager Adam Smith said, This will be my 12th Lent. I TMve been through it quite a few times. It TMs a lot of fun as long as everybody works together.

Smith said Lent isn TMt the only time of year people in Jefferson City eat a lot of fish. His restaurant has some of the best annual sales in the state.

Catholic Church rules say its O.K. to eat eggs, milk products, meat juices, gravies and animal fats on Ash Wednesday as long as you avoid the meat itself.