First tattoo shop opens in Jefferson City

Jefferson City's first tattoo shop in 30 years opened Thursday.

The tattoo ban was lifted last week after much debate over concern for public health.

Jefferson City native Mark Pulliam opened the new shop called the Cadillac Ink Tattoo Company located at 301 Ash St. next to Prison Brews.

Pulliam worked closely with Jefferson City Councilwoman Carrie Carroll, who sponsored the bill earlier this month.

He addressed the skepticism residents have expressed on tattoo shops coming into town.

"Ya know it's been banned for 30 years in our city for a reason and without a doubt there's obviously a lot of skepticism about what tattooing will bring to our city," said Pulliam. "I personally feel that it will never cause a problem."

The Cadillac Ink Tattoo Company also sells jewelry made by local artists.

Right now the shop has one tattoo artist, Lincoln University student Shawn Pope. Pulliam plans to add another artist.

Before the ordinance was passed local tattoo artists expressed concern about the number of hours the shop was allowed open. Right now the city only allows shops to be open from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., which many artists and shop owners say are not ideal hours.

Tattoo artists argue most people get tattoos late at night. The city was concerned people would get tattoos after a night of drinking and later regret it, so they restricted hours.

Pulliam said in order to get the ordinance passed Carroll and he had to agree to the hours. He said the issue might be addressed again in six months.