Eldon veterinarians open pet food pantry

You can place donations in these green bins, located at Paul's Supermarket and other local businesses.

Doctors Kathy Bisges and Joann Kunz at Lake Pet Hospital are on a mission to help pets in Eldon and the surrounding communities.

"We pretty much maxed out as far as what we could do for the adoption and the rescue agencies around," Bisges said. "We do a lot of spays and neuters at low cost. But I wanted to do more."

The two have created "AniMEALS Food Pantry," located on Highway 52 heading out of Eldon.

They collect pet food at their office and in green bins throughout the community and hand it out the second Saturday of each month.

The AniMEALS Food Pantry had its first distribution day last month. In just two short hours, they helped over 40 families in need of pet food and supplies.

Kunz said with the economic downturn, there's no better time for a program like this.

"People are just really having a hard time just providing food and basic care for their pets," Kunz said. "So we're seeing a lot of people have to give them up for adoption at shelters. And there's people living out in the country that are finding pets just kind of abandoned."

The AniMEALS Food Pantry is open to pet owners in Miller, Camden, and Morgan counties. The doctors have yet to turn anyone away.

The AniMEALS Food Pantry will distribute food this Saturday, March 13, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at Lake Pet Hospital.

You can donate dry or canned dog and cat food, cat litter, other pet supplies, and of course cash if you want to make sure mid-Missouri's four-legged friends whether this recession with the rest of us.

Feel free to contact Lake Pet Hospital at (573) 392-3257 or by email,

You can send donations to: 205 South Walnut St., Eldon, MO 65026.