Columbia Chamber: Smoking ban has little affect on business

While Jefferson City leaders debate the smoking issue, it TMs been more than three years since Columbia city leaders adopted a no smoking ordinance for bars, restaurants and businesses.

Columbia TMs smoking ordinance bans smoking inside any public place.

Smokers are allowed to smoke outside of buildings.

Violators can be fined up to $200.

Columbia Chamber of Commerce President Don Laird said his city TMs no smoking policy has had very little impact on the success and failure of businesses.

I think when people go to another town, maybe Jefferson City, they realize that ordinance is not in place," Laird said. "Even people I know that are smokers, they TMve gotten used to it. I think they find mostly that it TMs something that is here to stay. I think that they are very accommodating.

Laird said any organized opposition to Columbia TMs smoking ban has dissolved over the past three years.