Cole County approves county-wide ambulance

File photo of a Capital Region ambulance.

Cole County residents have approved a half-cent sales tax to support a county-wide ambulance plan.

With just over 50 percent, voters approved the county's proposal - which was at odds with Jefferson City's competing plan.

The measure came about after Capital Region Medical Center announced this year that it was losing too much money with its own ambulance service and would get rid of it by the end of the year. County leaders pushing their plan were happy with the win at the polls.

"What this means is that from this point forward, Cole County will have a fully funded county-wide ambulance service," said Cole County Commissioner Mark Ellinger. "Doesn't matter if you're in Jefferson City or any other part of the county. There's going to be an ambulance service available."

The city has already approved an eight-cent property tax increase to pay for the ambulance service. Ellinger says the city now has to decide what to do with the extra money.