Brave shoppers already camping out

While most of us are getting ready for Thanksgiving, some brave buyers have other plans - to camp out in the cold, outside Best Buy.

It's in anticipation of Black Friday, which falls on the day after Thanksgiving and considered to be the start of the holiday shopping season. But with two days still to go, three shoppers in Jefferson City can't wait and have already set up camp outside Best Buy on Missouri Boulevard.

"We're getting a lot of looks from people, laughing and some people waving," said Leann Helling, 36, who wore a purple hat that covered her ears. "A lot of people come up and ask 'Why are you here?' And I don't know. For me it's not unusual. This is what I planned to do a year ago when I saw people camped out."

Helling and her 10-year-old daughter Diana started setting up their blue tent and lawn chairs at 1 p.m. Wednesday - two days before Black Friday. So what are they hoping to get? For her, and Steve - the second man in line - it comes down to one thing: a new computer.

"Trying to get a good deal in this economy," said Helling. "If you can save a buck you're gonna do it. "

Helling said the economy played a big factor in bringing her out. She hopes to save $500 on a new Athlon desktop, which usually sells for around $1200 bucks. This isn't the first time she's camped out. Last year she got there at midnight - but was apparently too late. This year she says she's determined to get that computer - but only for a "good price."

"The computer brought me out, I need a new computer," she said. "I can't even get online, my computer just shuts down."

The last time Helling bought a desktop was 10 years ago, back in 1998. Her daughter, Diana - who sat in a lawn chair bundled up in a hot pink jacket and yellow and blue blanket - said she's excited to get a new computer, and will use it for school.

As for the two night camping trip with her mom? "It's kinda fun," she said, not seeming to mind the cold, or the parking lot scenery. Despite the chilly temperature, Helling said the cold isn't a factor.

"I've camped in Colorado at 20 degrees in the snow on a mountain," she said. "This is not that bad."

Best Buy opens their doors at 5 a.m. Friday.