Beans too small, corn too wet for ideal harvest

Corn harvest delayed.

It's harvest time in Mid-Missouri. The yields vary from the northern to the southern parts of the KRCG 13 viewing area.

North Boone County farmer Larry Douglas says soybeans are usually much taller by now and he expects a low yield.

"They just don't have a lot of pods on them and the beans are really small this year. They're about as half as big as they should be," says Douglas. He expects the corn crop to be much better.

Some 60 miles south, Ben Steinman assistand manager at the MFA grain elevator in north Jefferson City says both beans and corn are offering normal to better yields this year. But, he says the corn harvest is delayed.

"Corn is still wet," says Steinman, "we're probably going to have a lot of people who are going to cut their beans first and let their corn stand until later." He says some farmers may still be combining corn by Thanksgiving.

The USDA crop report giving a wider picture of the harvest will not be available until November. Crops reports were stopped when the federal government shut down October 1.

The harvest is a family affair for the Douglas family. See the video link with this report to learn more about the husband and wife team who have been farming together for 43 years.