Young Owensville man to be member of the United States Marine Corps Band

Marc Wilka has always had a love for music. (KRCG)

The United States Marine Band is the premier band of the United States Marine Corps. Members are only selected through a rigorous audition process.

A young Owensville man has surpassed the auditions, and he'll now be a proud member of the band.

Marc Wilka has always had a love for music, "Throughout the years, I've picked up different instruments like the piano, guitar, mandolin, stuff like that," he said.

But one instrument has become his passion, "I played taps for the VFW around here," he added.

Other than the trumpet, the 2017 Owensville High School graduate has also had an interest in the military.

"My grandpa was a Marine and I've always admired him for what he's done," Marc said.

He decided to act on that admiration. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. Marc was hopeful he could also continue to play the trumpet in the United States Marine Corp Band.

"Marc has always loved the military. Marc had since he was born there's always been some kind of tune coming out of him. For those two to come together," Angie Wilka said of her son.

It all started with a phone audition, "You play the pieces they give you and the scales, and then he says ok, we'll come listen to you," Marc explained.

Then, It was time to try out in person, "Did the audition. Most nervous I've ever been, and then he said I made it."

Marc will leave Monday for San Diego, where he will spend the next 3 months at boot camp.

And while she'll miss her son during those 3 months, "I'm ready cause I know he's ready. Now, ask me after Monday and I'm not sure that's gonna be true but I think so," Angie added.

The United States Marine Corp Band performs in approximately 500 events every year.

"NFL games, baseball games, play on the President's front lawn at the White House," Marc said.

"It's something you've got to take pride in, no matter what other people think. you've got to take pride in what you're doing. I started taking pride in band, and worked hard," Marc said.

Years of hard work that will now pay off.

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