Yard salers and politicans: MoDOT says keep your signs off their roads

It's a sign of summer, especially in a political year, says MoDOT's Bob Brendel.

"This is the time of year when we know that there's lots of yard sales,â?? said Brendel. â?? And we also know that this is an election year, and with campaigns beginning to crank up, we know that there will be political sign that'll start cropping up on the state right of way all over the state."

Some signs get planted along state roads, and on state right-of-ways. They are not supposed to be there.

"We don't want to see signs out there on the right of way, for a number of reasons. It's a safety issue, number one."

They say putting signs out near high-speed traffic, can not only cause driver's to loose focus on the road, but it's put the advertisers themselves in a dangerous situation.

Not only that, but MoDOT says the signs can get in the way of maintenance and construction crews.

When they do, they will be removed at the owners' expense.

"If they're out there moving, and there are signs in the way, they will remove them. They will store them at the nearest maintenance building and the owners of those signs can retrieve them, at their convenience."

That 's why, Brendel says, it's best to check in advance to see where you can put a sign.

If you would like to inquire with MoDOT about where you can place a sign, you can contact them here.