Wrestling championship attracts lots of cheers

Thousands of people are in Columbia this week for a battle between some bruisers.

The 82nd Annual Missouri Wrestling Championships are underway at Mizzou Arena.

The event has more than 1,600 matches in just 3 days. This competition also generates a lot of cheering. More than 90 students and 5 cheerleaders from Blair Oaks High School skipped school to cheer on their wrestling team.

Blair Oaks student Karson Rackers said, â??We just did some matt beating cheers. We did some on our legs. We did the letâ??s go cheers. We cheered on each kid.â??

Lisa Lackman is the cheerleading coach at Blair Oaks and her nephew Cole is on the schoolâ??s wrestling team.

Lackman said, â??The cheerleaders are like the main part of it. They are the ones that keep the guys going.â??

Championships in all 4 classes are scheduled to begin on Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

The KRCG sports team will have the latest on the air and on line.