Would you like to take a ride in a 1929 classic aircraft?

A classic aircraft from the early days of commercial air travel made a stop in the capital city Monday.

KRCG got to take a ride in a 1929 Ford Tri-Motor.

The plane is known as the "Tin Goose" has taken on a number of duties over the past 82 years, from transporting smoke jumpers to serving as the plane used to transport the president of the Dominican Republic.

The Ford Tri- Motor aircraft was the first all metal airplane in the United States.

"We don't know how much flying time is on the airplane, because the records have been lost. It wouldn't surprise me to see over 100,000 hours on the aircraft. It's been a fire bomber, smoke jumper, crop duster, and even a movie star, EAA's Ford Tri-Motor Pilot Ashley Messenger said.

When I was in the airplane it was going a little more than 80 mph. But the vintage aircraft can reach maximum speeds up to 130 mph.

"The airplane has a 77 foot wingspan, which can be a major problem when we take it some place because we need a hanger large enough to put it in. It weighs 10,700 pounds, and it goes all of 90 miles per hour when in it's on cruise, Messenger said. During that time it will burn about 60 gallons of fuel for all three engines."

All the people I talked with Monday told me they loved flying in the classic airplane.

"It was fabulous!. It was probably my most exciting airplane ride ever, St. James Resident Don Davis said.

"It was great! You know naturally it's going to be noisy. But something that old, it's just awesome that's still available to fly, Ashland Resident Harry Harris said.

I had a blast flying in the Tin Goose" too.

If you have a chance to go up in it, you should do it.

You can see this piece of aviation history at the Memorial Airport in Jefferson City Tuesday and Wednesday.

It's free to take a look. But it cost $70 to get airborne.