Women's group says "Flush Rush"

Missouri House Speaker Steve Tilley is now encouraging his opponents to protest his Rush Limbaugh nomination to the "Hall of Famous Missourians".

KRCG's Daniel Winn was there Monday as another group showed up with a unique way to express their disgust.

The campaign is called "Flush Rush", and Monday evening the Missouri National Organization for Women brought dozens of toilet paper rolls to the speakers office.

About 20 people met in the rotunda and then marched to the speaker's office to deliver the toilet paper.

The group says they're outraged by Limbaugh's nomination into the â??Hall of Famous Missourians because, they say he is anti-women.

Jamie Tomek with NOW said, â??Placing statues of Rush along side Mark Twain, Walt Disney and Harry Truman... we don't think Rush is quite there".

At a press conference Monday afternoon the speaker was asked if he was second guessing his choice, he said, â??No, because I thought it through, I knew he was going to be a controversial choice, I knew they would hold him to a different standard than we've held any other person to the Hall of Famous Missourians".

Tilley said the discussion that's going on is healthy, and he even seemed to be enjoying the debate, "I would encourage them to send as much toilet paper as they would like because I'm just going to donate it to one of the homeless shelters or one of the Catholic Charities".

When group held their protest about 6 p.m Monday the capitol was virtually deserted.

However, Tilley's office left one assistant to accept the toilet paper.