Woman tries to break into home, gets stabbed in arm

JCPD says a woman was stabbed in the arm after trying to force her way into a home Saturday.

A Jefferson City woman is in Cole County Jail after police say she tried to force her way into a home Saturday.

Police were called to the 300 block of East Dunklin street around 12:30 p.m.

Investigation revealed that 31-year-old Sarah Cobb went to the home to try to help a friend, one of the people living at the home, remove belongings.

When the victim, the home's second resident, refused to let Cobb in, Cobb allegedly started hitting the door with a shovel, damaging the door.

Police say Cobb then started to break in the door with her shoulder, and the victim told her to stay out or she would be stabbed.

The victim reported that her children were there and she was afraid for them.

Police say Cobb continued forcing her way in and the victim stabbed her once in the arm.

Another witness at the scene corroborated the victim's statement.

Cobb was arrested for first-degree burglary, second degree assault and property damage.