Woman indicted for defrauding Jefferson City bank

      Central Trust Bank was the intended target of an alleged bank fraud scheme by a Carrollton woman.

      A Carrollton woman faces three federal charges related to a $185,000 bank fraud scheme involving a Jefferson City bank.

      According to U.S. Attorney Tammy Dickinson, the indictment alleges that 62-year-old Carol Joyce Noble defrauded Central Trust Bank in Jefferson City by scheming to obtain an illicit loan for $185,000.

      Dickinson says one way in which Noble defrauded the bank was by changing the address of a Gravois Mills property she owned by one digit to that of her neighbor. She then had the neighbor's property appraised as her own when the neighbor wasn't home, resulting in a value which was $100,000 more than her actual property was worth.

      Noble is charged with three counts of bank fraud, two related to the false appraisal, and one focused on falsifying loan documents.