Woman hit by car while crossing street

A witness said the red vehicle hit the woman.

Update: Thursday, Sept. 15 at 6:40 p.m.:

Police say Sharon Sinclair walked across Stadium at Worley when a man driving a red car hit her.

There are no Walk or Do Not Walk signs at the intersection so she went when the light turned green. However, a couple cars made a right on red right into her direction.

One man who witnessed the whole thing explained what he saw.

"This lady was coming across the street. A white truck swerved and tried not to hit her. The truck blocked the vision of the red car. The red car hit her and she flew up on the car and she flew way over there about a whole other car length. It was far away, man," Dominique Johnson said in almost disbelief.

Paramedics treated the woman for bruises. They did not transport her to a hospital.

Police did not give the driver any citations because of the lack of walking signs at the intersection.

Original Story:

A woman in Columbia appears to be okay after getting hit by a car Thursday. The incident happened near the mall at Stadium and Worley.

A witness said it looked like the woman was walking in the crosswalk when she didn TMt have the right-of-way. One car swerved and avoided her, but a red car didn TMt.

The man driving the red vehicle hit the woman sending her into the air.

When we arrived on scene, she was up and walking around.

Few other details are available at this time while Columbia officers finish writing the report.