Woman gets "shock time" for giving kids pills

Melissa Kitchen, 41

A Centralia woman who pleaded guilty to giving prescription pills to middle-school children will serve 120 days of "shock time" in prison.

Boone County authorities say 41-year-old Melissa A. Kitchen will the serve shock incarceration as an alternative to a three-year sentence imposed Monday by Boone County Circuit Court Judge Kevin Crane.

The Sedalia Democrat reported that Kitchen pleaded guilty in February to first-degree child endangerment. She was arrested in August for selling or bartering pills to at least six children, some as young as 10.

Centralia police say they went to Kitchen's home after a domestic dispute and found her bartering Carisoprodol, a muscle relaxer. Boone County Assistant Prosecutor Andrew Scholz says it's unclear what was being traded for the drug, but it wasn't sex.