Woman apologizes for yelling at Highway Patrol

It's a youtube video that's getting thousands of hits, and nationwide attention.

Sue Teeter is the woman in the video from this past Sunday.

She and her husband had just been involved in a rollover wreck near Ashland.

She was very upset.

At one point she was yelling at troopers and even even told them to tase her.


Tuesday we met a very different Teeter.

"I didn't even see the video until this morning and when I did I was appalled." Teeter told us.

Teeter said she was traumatized by the accident and completely lost it when troopers took the handcuffs off her and put them on her husband.

That's something she says she deeply regrets, "I'm very very sorry for what I said, I'm very sorry for talking to the Highway Patrol like that there is never an excuse for behavior like that and that is normally not me. It is my intent to apologize personally to those Highway Patrol that I talked so badly to they were only there doing their job." Teeter said.

She said until she saw the video she couldn't remember a lot of what she said because she was so upset, "I mean even hours after I got home I was still that upset and I had several friends trying to comfort me." Teeter said.


We also talked with the Highway Patrol. They said they've been bombarded with calls about the incident but would only release this statement.

Troop F Commander Gregory Kindle said, "I appreciate our officers investigating this incident and the fact they acted with restraint and patience. We strive to be ladies and gentlemen who enforce the law and these officers exemplified this ideal. Further comments on this active case would be inappropriate at this time."