Wish comes true for sick girl

Emmy Kramer is spending her wish day on the set of Cake Boss with 12 other children.

The dream of a Rich Fountain girl is coming true.

The Make a Wish Foundation is sending Emmy Kramer, 11, to New York and New Jersey for her trip of a lifetime.

Emmy Kramer was born with Digeorge Syndrome which makes every day a fight for her life. Regular viewers of KRCG 13 might remember her as â??Baby Emilyâ?? as we've done stories with her since she was born. Emmy has spent more than a thousand days in the hospital and was medically transported 37 times by helicopter and ambulance.

Emmy Kramer said, "I'm going to go in a limo and ride to New York City."

Emmy is flying to New York to see Cinderella on Broadway and take a boat tour of The Statue of Liberty.

Emmy said visiting the reality TV show Cake Boss is just the icing on the top of her trip. Emmy loves The Learning Channel's Cake Boss program. On Monday, Emmy's wish will come true when she spends the entire day on the Cake Boss set in New Jersey.

Emmy's Speech Pathologist Ashlee Ryan said, "It's just a little treat for her to experience life. Sometimes she misses out when she is in the hospital."

Emmy has been planning her trip for nearly two years.

Emmy's nurse Erin Kelly said, "I know she's wanted this for a long time. I'm happy that she would be able to this once in a lifetime experience."

Emmy's mother Mary Kramer is happy for her daughter, but it makes her sad to remember why her daughter is getting a make a wish.

Mary Kramer said, "It's very sad. She's had quite a life of suffering. She really struggles for each day of her life. I'm really happy that she might have a few days of joy."

Emmy is spending her wish day on the set of cake boss with 12 other children.

Emmy's family does not know if she will be a part of the show.