Winter weather forces changes of plans

A stylist cuts Rachel Likert's hair in Jefferson City Wednesday evening. This week's weather forced Likert to rearrange her schedule, including a hair appointment.

Rachel Likert laughs and chats merrily as a stylist carefully trims her hair. It was not an appointment she had originally planned on.

"This actually got moved up because people kept moving it earlier. They didn't want to drive at night when the ice froze over," she said.

Likert is one of many customers at this downtown hair salon who had to change appointments and travel plans because of this weeks' heavy snowfall. Haute Salon owner Gregory Medlin told KRCG 13 more than half of his customers rescheduled or canceled their appointments this week. In some cases, he said his staff asked customers to move their appointments around so his employees could get to and from work safely. Medlin said customers were more than happy to oblige.

Other customers, like Umme Asif, adjusted their schedules entirely of their own accord. Asif said she had planned on getting a haircut when she went home to St. Louis this weekend, but potentially treacherous road conditions convinced her to stay in the capital city. She said she ended up going to Medlin's salon instead.

"The highways aren't going to be well enough for me to drive the long drive home, so I'm going to have to stay here," she said.

The heavy snow forced schedule changes outside of haircuts, too. Likert said even though the snow had stopped Wednesday morning, she could not get her car out of her apartment's parking lot to go to her internship, so she had to ask Asif, who is her roommate, to take her. Likert also canceled a planned trip home to St. Louis this weekend out of concern for her own safety.

"I wasn't expecting Missouri to get this cold," Asif said. "Back when I was little, it was just, like, every five years, it would snow. Now it's every year. It's getting pretty bad."

Medlin acknowledged the appointment changes would hurt his bottom line but he noted customers would come back once the weather lightens up. He said he was not worried about paying the bills this month.

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